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Benelli R1 (30-06) Help!


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I just wanted to know, sense the Benelli iron sights for the R1 are $150, if there are any other/cheaper iron sights I could use on the R1.


Also I was wondering what scope mount I should use for the R1. I have not decided on what type of scope I want to use but I know I want a leupold.


If you could help I would appreciate it.




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The R1 ships with a Picatinny scope rail.

This accomodates most Weaver and Millet style rings.

However, the Benelli catalog shows the R1 with a Leupold/Redfield style base in one of the photos.

I'm still looking for the Leupold catalog number.


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Cibor - go out to your local smith and see what he has on the shelf or what he can get ... iron sights are pretty personal and need to be matched correctly (height/distance apart) for the gun so bringing your gun in with you will help the smith out in determining/calculating a match..


good luck

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Cibor - I know exactly what you're talking about. I was realy, let's say "surprised", then got my open sights from a dealer for $175. I paid so much because for me R1 is not just a rifle, but a piece of art. You can't replace those sights with anything else, you will see when you get one. Here is the link to the site that I found recently. The price for sights is much lower-$135. http://www.calssportingarmory.com/BenelliR1Accessories.htm

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