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Slug vs. Sabot in M4


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I would like to shoot slugs from my M4. I'm interested in your opinions on rifled slugs vs. sabots. I have ordered a rifled choke from Carlson's, but then it occurred to me that I've never seen that Benelli itself offers a rifled choke for the M4. Is there a reason they don't? Is there potential harm to the gun using sabots and a rifled choke? (Jeeze are those sabots expensive!).


I assume that a sabot and rifled choke is more accurate than a rifled slug. Has that been anyone's experience.


I see a tactical advantage for slugs as one could shoot buck shot and slugs during the same encounter. It seems to me that rifled slugs should be shot fron a cylinder choke but supposedly anything up to modified is fine. Any opinions?


Seems to me that sabots and a rifled choke are kinder and gentler to the barrel, but at quite an increase in expense.


any feedback appreciated



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You can shoot sabots out of a smoothbore . However from what I've heard the high price of sabots aren't worth it unless you are using a slug (rifled) barrell. Sabots out of a smoothbore will not give you the long range higher accuracy your paying for. (I've heard people argue that they are more accurate, but the majority of what I've heard is there to inconsistant) So yes you can shoot sabots out of a smoothbore but its a waste of loot. A rifled choke would improve things but sabots are intended for slug barrells. Try rifled slugs out of your smoothbore and see if that helps your accuracy. Once your zeroed in with a particular brand stick with it. Diff. brands can have your POI all over the place. Rifled slugs will do fine out of a smoothbore thats actually what they are intented for. The soft lead of the slugs would fould up a slug barrell after a few shots, and possible even ruin a slug gun. People often confuse the 2 I've found. Good luck.

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Try Federal TruBall slugs .. which should be plenty accurate out to 75 yards, maybe more. A lot of guys find that Remington Buckhammers run pretty good through a smoothbore too.



You're right on smooth choke selection ... whatever shoots your particular buckshot best will work for your non-sabot slugs just fine.



In my opinion ... a rifled choke doesn't have enough time to really effect any slug going through it. It MIGHT help a Truball or Buckhammer a little ... BUT I doubt it will spin a sabot slug enough to effectively allow the sabot to cleanly disembark the projectile every time. Sabot slugs which are not spinning fast enough are said to become unstable; pitch & yaw ... pitchpole. So ... contrary to what you'd think ... they can actually be LESS accurate than a common "Foster" type slug when used in a smoothbore barrel. You wind up paying premium prices for less accuracy.


A potential problem is the BUCKSHOT through the rifled choke!!! IF ... the choke can spin the pellets, they might go hither and yon. I've been told buckshot through a rifled barrel scatters all over Hades half acre. Defeats the objective of effectively using both buckshot & slugs from the same M4. You MIGHT gain accuracy with the slug and loose accuracy with the buckshot. You'll have to test.


I'm curious about the results you get when you shoot sabots through your rifled choke ... and compare it to TruBalls &/or Buckhammers. I'll bet the Truballs shoot as accurately or better. I'm also curious to see a comparison between Truball/smooth choke and Sabot/rifled choke.


I'm guessing the Truballs shoot as well through the smooth choke. IF ... that's the case ... you're in luck. You can comfortably and confidently mix and match your slugs and buckshot in the same magazine and get consistent reliability performance at know distances.


As FN_FAL said ... try some different brands and loads if you're looking for max accuracy; there can be a huge difference between them. (for no obvious reason either)


Good Luck ... let us know how your research goes.

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