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choke question


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I don't use a light mod. but I think the answer is in how fast you are on the birds. If you pick them up fast and shoot quickly, you may be alright. IMHO, the tighter the choke the better. If you don't pick the bird up right away,the tighter pattern will be an advantage. Good Luck!

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Chokes are funny. You can call them whatever you want, but in the end, you don't really know what you have until you see what the pattern looks like on pattern paper.


That being said...generally:


Light modified is OK if you tend to shoot fast.


If not, use a modified.


Generally I shoot a modified for 16 yard singles. I shoot 1 ounce of 8-1/2 shot.


You will find that most trap shooters prefer a tighter choke. (Leo Harrison is often quoted as having said, "you can use any choke you want, as long as its a full choke.")


If you use a light modified and find you are "drawing dust" or "little chips" and not getting good solid breaks, use something tighter.

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I was wandering if a light modified choke would pattern tight enough for trap shooting I normally use a modified choke but I am wanting to get some new chokes does anyone use a light modified choke for trap shooting?

a light modified choke is the same as SkeetII choke

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