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Most Reliable Ammo in Nova?


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Hi all, I'm planning to get my first Benelli Nova and would really appreciate ammo recommendations. Which brand is the most reliable for you?


I'll be shooting mostly 12ga, 2-3/4", 00 buck and slugs


Let me know if I left out any info.





The gun is more reliable than you. Just don't "short stoke'' the gun and it will cycle every time.

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I will def agree with Trapshooter1 here. As far as slugs go though its hands down the Hornady SST. I know its best to use these rounds in a rifled barrel which was not specified but anytime your shotgun shoots a 300 gr bullet @ 2000 fps you just cant help but smile. Not to mention watch game drop from way outside your usual "shotgun range".

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Thanks tyson129, so I've got Federal and Hornady SST slugs at the top of the list.


It will be a smooth barrel, most likely with an IC or mod choke.


Any more recomendations?



Try to find federal with the flite control wad it stays with the shot longer so it patterns tighter.

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