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  1. I don't think govt gun registration databases can realistically be used to confiscate guns because so many guns are sold privately or stolen. All my firearms have been bought from friends. Not to avoid govt lists or background checks - I just like buying slightly used firearms at half price :-) Govt lists are obviously a waste of time and money (our tax money). They raise privacy concerns, and are likely unconstitutional. The lists and background checks are just a paper barrier put up to make anti-gun groups happy. Kevin
  2. I'm not trying to blame you, I'm just curious. What have you been using to clean it? Has it been left out in the sun or in a damp location? Kevin
  3. thebiggiantkevin


    I wouldn't wait until the next morning to clean it. Wipe it, let it dry for an hour or 2, then oil it. I've had really good rust prevention results with Slip 2000. Kevin
  4. I had a pretty hard time finding one a few months ago. I'd think if it were in like new condition, you could probably get almost full retail value. Kevin
  5. Thanks tyson129, so I've got Federal and Hornady SST slugs at the top of the list. It will be a smooth barrel, most likely with an IC or mod choke. Any more recomendations? Thanks
  6. Thanks Trapshooter1, I'll put Federal ammo at the top of my list - unless someone has more recommendations.
  7. Hi all, I'm planning to get my first Benelli Nova and would really appreciate ammo recommendations. Which brand is the most reliable for you? I'll be shooting mostly 12ga, 2-3/4", 00 buck and slugs Let me know if I left out any info. Thanks, Kevin
  8. Being new to shotguns and wanting one for HD, I was also wondering about the best choke. So far I have read the following in this thread... That's a wide range of answers. From what I can gather, the ranges you'll typically encounter with HD are so short (>10 ft) that different chokes do not produce a significantly different pattern. Therefore, is it safe to say that choke selection for HD is not an issue? Kevin
  9. I've used Slip 2000 carbon remover and the oil for several years and I really like it. It won't perform miracles, but it works well. It takes 95% of the cylinder rings off my stainless revolver. I just let it soak for a few minutes and hit it with a wire brush. The carbon easily comes off. I also use it on my blued rifle and the bluing is still perfect after several years. Although, I think the label says not to soak blued parts for too long. It also has a nice smell, like a typical home cleaning product. Last I checked they give a military and LE discount, which I really like.
  10. Yeah, I'm hoping to buy a Nova soon and was interested to see exactly what problems people are experiencing, so I'll know what to check. Kevin
  11. Thanks CH/QuakerBoyProstaff! My dad lives in Inverness, and we occasionally shoot at the indoor range in near Wildwood. I think i'll invite him to check this place out with me. Thanks again, Kevin :-)
  12. Hi MontefeltroPro, I've checked my preferred local gun shops and they don't have any new Novas, just Super Novas for $450+. So the new vs. used price difference is close to $200. I suppose if I can't find a good used one, I'll see if they can order one for me. But then I have to wait (not a big deal) but it becomes a hassle if I have to return it to the store for exchange (they'll have to order another one). I'm moving in a couple months and don't want to leave before my Nova gets delivered. Of course I could just get a Remington 870... naaa :-p
  13. Hey cleefurd, no worries, no offense taken :-) To be honest, I was a bit dismayed that I would be interrogated after my very first post. I was thinking the welcome wagon needs a bit of help! But I totally understand your concern. Theres a lot of people who have have not demonstrated the prerequisite personal responsibility required for gun ownership. I wish we could do more to keep guns out of their hands.
  14. Hopefully in the future I'll be adding significantly to my current 3 post count. I own 2 rifles and 2 handguns (at the moment) but I've never owned a shotgun. I want to supplement my home defense Ruger SP-101 .357. After some research I've decided that a shotgun is what I need, and Benelli makes the best. I also like the idea of using it for hunting. In fact, my uncle hunts deer up in IL where rifles are not allowed. I just wish rifled barrels were cheaper :-( I'd love to get a new one, but cash is a bit tight. I try to tell my wife a new one ony costs an extra $150, but she thinks it's a
  15. Not that I owe anyone an explanation, but if it makes you feel any better... I live in Tampa, I'll be traveling to Valdosta, GA next week to visit my brother who lives up there. I also have a trip planned for Panama City (in the north FL panhandle) to visit friends. So I wont be blowing any gas money or driving half way across the state just to buy a shotgun. If I was looking for a new gun I'd gladly pay shipping to a FFL (which I've done in the past), but I'm not going to blow shipping money or commit to purchase a USED firearm without personally checking it over. If I wanted t
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