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Good Decoys, Camo, Calls, and Ammo. Remember to follow through with your shots. If you don't have a retriever bring a friend with one or get some good waders or a small boat. Also do pattern testing with your ammo of choice at different distances to see how it performs so you get better results in the field. Let me know how that p350 is because my brother is about to buy one. Have fun!

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hows it going,i purchased a p350 stoeger and this is going to be my first duck hunting season. just wanted to know if anyone had any pointers/tips/tricks/advice? i would greatly appreciated,thanks.

if you want my opinion on calls I would say get a duck picker but you have to learn to use voice into the call witch took me most of off season to learn but the call works great after that, and its only $30 you cant go wrong it beats my friends rnt. one of my friends got a stoeger m2000 and he loves it and he hunts ruff with his gear and it has been flawless he said so I wouldn't worry about all the talk about stoegers being cheap in my opinion I think stoegers are great. good luck oh and if you get alot of calls i just got a lanyard that was 30 bucks from bass pro and its nice! its got a neoprene neck band and you can swap your calls out its really worth it in my opinion.

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