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leaving a Nova loaded question


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Alrighty, i recently bought myself a Nova pump with an 18.5" barrel and ghost rings on it. My intent is to use it as a home defense type weapon. So i was just wondering if i leave it loaded all the time, what springs might i expect to change out and when. Up to this point i have kept a revolver for this purpose so i havent had to worry about this. I just figured i would get a shotgun as it could serve as a hunting gun and a defense weapon in one. Anyway, thus far this guy is great fun, 3.5" shells are a hoot!:)

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This is a common topic with all weapons and magazines. Springs lose effectiveness over time from LOTS of compression CYCLES. The modern spring materials you should be able to leave it fully loaded for years w/o loss of effectiveness. The same hold true for AR15 and pistol mags though in some cases mag. feed lips can change shape and cause problems. This is what led to the MagPul cover that eases the load on the top of the mag.


Personally, I've only recently experienced my first problem with a GI M-16 30 rd mag loaded for over a year and I have keep many loaded for long periods. Some conclude it's the best way to store ammo.


You'll have no problems with your shotgun, but for $10 bucks every two years you could pop in a new spring if it concerns you at all. Not a big expense.

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