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Nordic charging handle... simple, but oh so nice.


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So I got a few goodies from Nordic for the 'ol M2. 8 shot mag extension, clamp, teflon follower... and charging handle.

All first class, top quality stuff of course... love the removable end cap on the tube.


What surprised me more than anything... and this is going to sound stupid, is the charging handle.

It's so much more "ergonomic" than the, now determined to be lame crap - stock handle, that its laughable.

Why it takes me so long to step up to certain things is a mystery.


Just wanted to share my "discovery". :D




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So you really REALLY like the charging handle? I've been thinking about that upgrade, but each time I end up with "the stock one isnt bad" but I guess I could be convinced...


No pics... just a small revelation is all.

I was in "the stock one isn't bad" group, and I got the handle on a whim when I ordered the other stuff.

I was just kinda surprised how much better it felt when I was racking the bolt. Cycling the bolt felt lighter and more, ah... crisp.


It sounds pretty stupid to go on and on about this... it's just a $25 charging handle, but it's one of those small upgrades that has a very satisfying feel to it.



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