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Cartridge Drop Lever Question


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This is a followup to Renault's thread about cycling rounds through an M4. I wrote that you needed to either pull the trigger or press the cartridge drop lever to get the next round to cycle. I noted that pressing the drop lever decocks the gun and makes a sound nearly identical to pulling the trigger. My question is: If a round is in the chamber and the bolt is closed, is there any danger of firing the round by pressing the cartridge drop lever?

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I hate to answer operational questions when there are many members with much more experience, but you seem to be getting many views but not replies. I'll just share my experience inside my house and with Snap Caps:

While the sound stemming from the CDL is similar to a trigger pull, with Snap Caps, you can tell a significant difference. I have tried it with the safety on and off and firing pin doesn't seem to be dropping like it does with a trigger pull.


I think you'd agree that the ability of fire a weapon by a means aside from a trigger pull would be a serious design flaw. Additionally, considering the "blinding flash of the obvious" cautions they display in bold, red print in the manual, if this were a possibility it would certainly be noted.

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