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Advice for a English shooter


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Hi I am a regular on the clay scene here in the uk.I am sold on semi autos and currently shoot a Remington 11-87.I was/am looking for the ultimate sporting auto and believe I have may have found it in the sbe11 or the supersports model.My querey is do the supersports come in a left hand version if not what about the sbe11 purley for sporting clays ?Also the sbe11 is not on release here until I believe April/May of 05 any one have any idea how much the gun will retail here in the uk(anwsers please Beneli)Thanks Jon

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I bought a left hand montefeltro 12ga after shooting a borrowed 1187 rh. a minor problem I've noticed is the bolt release button is on the right side of the gun. not a big deal, but I've had the bolt release when laying my gun down. I'm not sure if this is the case for the lh sbeII.



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Dump the 11-87 quick. Unless you really need a 3.5" shell, (which you dont in sporting clays, it is just overkill) pick up an M1, they come in all sorts of left hand configs. I have been shooting trap with an M1 with a 4 round mag extention for close to 2 years now and love it. It really shines when we shoot continentals, cycles quicker than ****!

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