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Supernova Drilled and tapped


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Hi, My name is Cody, Im new to this forum and I only registered so I could ask this one simple question because apparently the Support Team that I emailed arent going to reply. I just bought a supernova (comfortech, 28" barell) and its great, but it isnt drilled and tapped for a scope. I was wondering if I could get a gunsmith to drill it for me. I was told by some local gun dealers that the Supernova may NOT be able to be tapped because the reciever couldnt handle the pressure. Some were saying yes and some were saying no. Can anyone help? And if it can be drilled and tapped, what weaver style mount should I use? Thank you.

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Are you certain it's not already drilled and tapped?

The holes will have hard plastic plugs in them and may not be readily visible.


The factory Novas are patterned for the 423M base, but if it's not already there, I'd have it done in the Remington 700 or another more common pattern.

That way, finding a decent rail to fit it won't be a problem.


The gun dealers you asked are dolts. If Benelli offers it with factory drilled and tapped receivers, then it only stands to reason that it can be drilled and tapped.;)

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A quality gunsmith will be able to drill and tap it for around $10 per hole. Those other guys are just "part bolters", who think putting on a scope on or screwing in a new choketube is "gunsmithing". The thought of drilling/tapping,making obsolete parts by hand, and replacing screws without chewing them all up, makes these type of charactors run for the Pepto Bismal


Find a Real smith in your area, and you will be happy with the results.

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Well, All my friends have their guns tapped and drilled. I would know what it looked like if mine were tapped and drilled. You see My gun was a christmas present from my parents and they ordered it in a MAX-4 HD camo instead of some kind of timber camo. It has killed alot of animals for me, even though I do not duck hunt at all. Ive killed squirrels, turkeys, doves, and 1 coyote, but i have recently put a rifled choke tube at the end of the nelli and shot some rifled slugs out the end of it. I hope to take it deer hunting but it will be problem if I cant see the deer to shoot it. I was just hoping i could get it drilled and tapped before november of this year. But like i said, ive been hearing about how some shotguns CAN NOT be drilled and tapped and i figured that I would ask yalls opinions. Thank you.

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