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Slugs for the Nova Pump


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:confused: I bought a Nova pump in late 2002. I would like go on a pig hunt and use lead slugs for the ammo. Does anyone know what the limitations are for shooting lead slugs through the Nova? The barrel is stock, right out of the box. I was planning on using the IC choke with non-rifled lead slugs. Anyone have any experience with slugs and the Nova? Thanks!
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i have used remington sluggersin my nova.

i have found that the C tube works better then the IC tube. accuracy isnt bad i can hit a paper plate at 100 yards but the hardest part about shooting slugs with a vent rib is adjust for the slug drop.

ex. rem 1 oz sluggers -10.6 at 100 yds.


a pig hunt sounds like fun!

good luck

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RIFLED SLUGS!!! in a non-rifled (smooth bore)barrel

.... Sabots in a rifled barrel



tj mentioned a good slug. I think you're best off for accuracy purposes picking up a few different boxes of different loads by different manufacturers. They all will vary from gun to gun so finding the right one for your gun might take a little bit. $30 dollars invested in this experiment should pay-off.


something else to consider too is purchasing some iron sights or a red-dot to aid in your accuracy.


Keep it practical!

-BSA has a 30mm red-dot available for around $30-$40.

-you can find iron sights that will be applicable to your Nova just about anywhere for the same or less money.


Good Luck - A pig hunt does sound like a good time!!!

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thanks briddog

i forgot to mention that i went through many different slug types and 2 3/4 and 3in.

i found that the 2 3-4in slugs did just as well as 3 in and the win super X slugs did well but the sluggers did better.


and as birddog said stay away from saboted slugs in your smooth bore unless you use a good rifled tube.


good luck!

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