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Hello stid2677, where is the best place to hit a bear? I thought I would ask you because you are an expert. I wanted to go for a lung heart hit but the guy who is teaching me how to hunt bears wants me to take a neck shot so I don't ruin as much meat. Where should I hit? Thanks in advance.

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Bears are very tough animals. The bones are dense and the muscles thick. The neck is a small target, made even harder by several inches of fur that make the neck look bigger. I shoot for the lungs. Let the air out of the bags and they stay down. I like to shoot through the lungs into the away front leg. Bears have thick fur and lots of fat that can seal bullet holes. Most hunters get a little shaky when they get close "bear fever" so to speak. The lung area is the largest, shoot them in the lungs and keep shooting until they stop moving. Don't buy into the myth about breaking them down by breaking their shoulder, I have seen many wounded bears that could out run a deer on 3 legs. I'm no expert, JMHO.


Good Luck and be safe.



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