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Teflon Coating.....Problems with Benellis????


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I have an SBE II in black synthetic and would like to have it teflon coated.....will this cause any problems with the inertia driven recoil system or any other aspect of the gun???


Second question....do the new "comfor-tech" models come with stainless springs and recoil tube??? I had a gunsmith tell me this but I have never heard it anywhere else. If so great......if not, watch out Sure Cycle here I Come.





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I asked a finisher how much the teflon coating adds to the thickness of the piece and he replied that it adds .001-.0015.


I think I'm going wear my new SBE2 in a bit and then get it done.


Here are some links I've found in my research.



http://spas12.com/spasfinish.htm (for info. on Birdsong)

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Go with Birdsong if you plan on going Teflon. Without a middleman acting on your behalf to accept/refuse a job, it could be very expensive shipping the weapon back to the finisher for an unacceptable job.

You'll have to talk to Walter, but I doubt he'll coat a lot of the internal parts, but I could be wrong.

A far second place, I'd look at Robar. You could mix NP3 and Roguard.

I plan to send my M4 to Birdsong once I get all the parts and modifications done.


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I have the frame of a Beretta 92g Elite II coated in Teflon-S about 2 years ago, and to this day the frame rails have not shown any wear whatsoever. Mind you this is an aluminum frame on a stainless slide. I've put probably 3000 - 5000 rounds thru it since it was coated, and no flaking or chipping has shown up.

This is a sliding surface, as well as an impact area where the slide comes against the frame when retracted.

Walter Birdsong would be the man to talk with about where should and should not be coated. Example, I would like to have down the magazine tube done to slick up the loading process.

The break-in of teflon is very nice, expecially when applied to a well used weapon. All the microscopic highs and lows have been evened out. The application of the teflon then constricts these tollerences. The weapon ends up with more surface to surface contact.

An interesting place of application would be the bolt itself.

I would not coat over the chrome within the Benellis action though. I will have a full review of my job when done, but that is likely to be a few months away.


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Not exactly sure what you want to see, but I do have some high resolution shots of my Teflon coated Elite II.






I tried scanning and taking a picture of the inside of the receiver to show the lack of wear, but it is difficult to properly focus. Will try again tomarrow.


Good news is, I don't think my Benelli's barrel is ruined. I think it is some seriously sturborn lead.

So my birdsong job will be sooner then expected. My main thing I'm waiting on is the Surefire railed forend, and possibly a Gladius weapon light.


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Will try to get some shots up tomarrow. I was cleaning it tonight since I put about 400 rounds through it yesterday and today.

All the normal wear that you see on a standard 9x series frame is non-existant. No white spots.

This is a pretty tight fit as well, no slop fest.


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Here is the best shot I could get birddog. I had to use the scanner, my camera won't take the picture properly.



I revised my statement about Roguard from Robar. I would pick it over Birdsong now, and plan to do so. I've read recently that Roguard is nearly double the salt water resistance then Birdsongs regular teflon coating.

Roguard is also tougher then regular teflon finishes, it isn't so easily chipped off.



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