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Super Black Eagle 2 - Problem in Canada

Ryan 21

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Has anybody here had a problem taking a Super Black Eagle 2 into Canada?


Here is my situation....


As a private owner of the SBE2 I tried taking my gun across the border from Michigan to do some Goose hunting this weekend. Please keep in mind that I have had this same gun in the Canada for 4 years now.


After trying to register my gun for use in Canada this time, I was informed that the SBE2 was not on an approved Benelli list (The SBE1 was) and that I could not bring it in the country. I told the officer that there must be some mistake due to the little difference between the two guns, one just being new and a few cosmetic changes.


Even after pointing these differences out they were still denying me entrance with the gun.


I have contacted Benelli USA and they are doing what they can to figure something out.


Have any of you had similar expiriences?


I ended up leaving my gun in Michigan at the State Police Post and went back across. I then had to hunt all weekend with a Winchester 1300 pump, which more humiliating that being denyed at the border :)


Any help would be appreciated.



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Did you have your form filled out when you showed up at the border? Their restrictions are similar to the US requirements for sporting shotguns? What mag capacity was your SBEII? That should have been the only issue unless you cut your barrel down? Which is highly unlikely!:confused: So where is this list they had? Did you ask them to give you a copy?

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