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Regarding The New Browning


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I've recently indicated an inkling to try out the new Browning Maxus.


Then I decided to give the new gun a year in the hands of others to see how it holds up before making a final decision.


Meanwhile, I have just had two different friends who have needed parts for a Stoeger and a SBE2.

After dealing with what can only be described as the Goddess of customer service, my friends should have their parts in hand very soon.


This experience has made me acutely aware that there is much more to a company than what we buy and bring home from the gun store.


Given the level of service I have received today from Benelli, I just can't see myself even wanting to try anything else.

Sure, I may buy a new gun next year, but it will be another Benelli.


Goddess of Customer Service (you know who you are), if you're reading this, THANK YOU! again for being one of the great people who make this such a great company! ;)

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Uh! I didn't have that kind of experience with customer service. Say about 26 weeks or more over the last 3 waterfowl seasons with out that gun.My experiences with Remington a few days with out that gun. And Browning I just call to ask a question, someone answer the phone and my question right away no waiting.I guess that's why I'm shooting the Maxus and enjoying it.No buyers remorse here! I never spoke with the goddess I recon.

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I'm sure that's true.A new gun that shoots sometimes.Your approach Sir? Oh just forget it! I don't want to relive that experience. Lets just say we had different experiences with customer service an the Techs. at Benelli. They did after all sent me a new gun.

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