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  1. Good shooting, this gun must fit you better.
  2. What blackdog suggest is suppose to work but it didn't with my dog. She want break with the lead attached to her collar. It's an obedience problem. Blackdogs suggestion may work for you. Try it. Work on obedience. What if you are hunting or training with someone with a dog. The dog needs to learn they don't get to pick up every bumper or bird. put the leash on make the dog sit throw the bumper don't let her/him go. Make them sit pick the bumper up yourself. try this exercise some it may help. It has for me.
  3. Wife cooked one last thanksgiving in a baking bag with dry onion soup mix a cup of water potatoes and carrots about an hour and 15 mins at 325. Folks ate it before the turkey.Son who killed it was late he missed getting any.
  4. fastest shooting, softest kicking ,most reliable light weight shotgun. Why do we need a larger recoil pad.
  5. Not yet, that would be a pretty easy removal in comparison to the internal chokes. Gun vice or vice with cloth, and a pair of pliers or an adjustable wrench with cloth would do the trick on the external chokes. Another + for extended chokes
  6. Any body every get an extended choke stuck in their gun and not be able to get it out like some of the flush mounts have?
  7. how did you bend the barrel.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Red Huck Sir correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the article you but up contradicts what you write about spin out of smooth bore with a rifled slug. Actually it says that sabot slugs do not spin in a smooth bores, and rifled slugs do. I think you need to reread that Sir. So if you're shooting a smoothbore, stick to rifled slugs such as those made by Remington, Winchester and Federal; or full-bore slugs such as the various Brenneke, PMC, Fiocchi, Rottweil or Wolf designs. Despite the fact that virtually all rifled slugs have grooves or
  9. Sir correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the article you but up contradicts what you write about spin out of smooth bore with a rifled slug.
  10. Don't know a lot about it,but I think it depends on the range you'll be shooting. Smooth bore out to 50yds.rifled barrel out 100+ yds.Use different type slugs for each.
  11. thebigwally Junior Member Join Date: Sep 2009 Posts: 2 Really poor customer service. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to tell you. This is my first experience with a Stoeger, and so far it's disappointment. Firstly, the lack of accessories ike the slug barrel. Secondly, while breaking in the gun I used 2 3/4" magnum steel shot. When cleaing it after a session of 50Rounds, I went to take the modified choke tube out and it was basically ruined. Had to force it our, but fortunately the threads in the barrel were not
  12. I've order a set of carlson extended chokes. But I'm interest in the primos dead zone chokes. There .005 difference in close range and dead zone close range and .005 between the mid range and dead zone pass choke plus they say it has a wad stripper. Your thoughts?
  13. Yes which every suits you. It seems tho that many waterfowlers will usually chose the 28 for some reason.
  14. I've got three pump guns. A mossbreg 500 20ga. winchester speed pump black shadow and 870 super mag in real tree ap.all are reliable guns. How every the ejector in 870 came loose an spoiled hunt a goose hunt the last Sat of the season.Had to sit there an watch as my son had the best hunt of our season last year. Remington send me a shipping label,I had the gun back it all took less than a week. My Stoeger 2000 was back at stoeger for the third time. I think it working like it should now,but if you get one of them you may need a backup gun. And they don't always fix the problem the first or sec
  15. Where I hunt on State WMA's its mostly pass shouting with 2s. I use a Carlson extended tube, mid range which would be mod.Here the law requires 2s or bigger for geese.I use the Winchester experts 3 or 3 1/2 work fine.
  16. No! Neither!More like the thinker.
  17. On the subject of nut job Islamics, rag heads an such. Most people over the world get their religion from there family or community.Say Skeeter was from Iran instead of Texas more than likely he would be an Islamic rag head nut job with an AK47 instead of a benelli. Its real hard to beat an enemy that uses the tactics these nutjobs use an who will sacrifice themselves to get a few of you. Thanks to that other Texan we'll be fighting and dieing an the hands of those nut jobs in all probability for a long time.
  18. As I was just reminded by a news report, Paulson, Bush and Bernanke started the Great bail out with their fear mongering. Who knows maybe the sky would have fallen if they hadn't bailout the fat cats.Certainly Iraq was a imminent threat to the US.Why else would we spend a trillion dollars an American lives.The biggest deficit spenders in my lifetime have been Reagan, Bush and Bush. Each bigger in turn. Obama was the best man running for the office by far and won big. Now he's trying to get us out of a giant hole that 8 years of incompetence has us in. We've needed health care reform for a long
  19. Tell us more about your dog. Where you find him? He or She? Color? An such.
  20. I'm sure that's true.A new gun that shoots sometimes.Your approach Sir? Oh just forget it! I don't want to relive that experience. Lets just say we had different experiences with customer service an the Techs. at Benelli. They did after all sent me a new gun.
  21. Uh! I didn't have that kind of experience with customer service. Say about 26 weeks or more over the last 3 waterfowl seasons with out that gun.My experiences with Remington a few days with out that gun. And Browning I just call to ask a question, someone answer the phone and my question right away no waiting.I guess that's why I'm shooting the Maxus and enjoying it.No buyers remorse here! I never spoke with the goddess I recon.
  22. Kent Fast Steel is not water proof an they say there is some danger shooting it if it gets wet.I guess the shot could rust together and become a solid load.Any way I have had some of their fast steel that wouldn't shoot the next season because of moisture.
  23. I've got a friend who's Lab won't go in the water after a bird. My dog doesn't get to excited about drills especially during a Carolina summer but you should see her go for a bird. You may want to try the white bucket drill.Get a white bucket pile some bumpers near the bucket.Keep sending her till you can get her to take the line.You could use a tree for your mark. Give it a try. And stay calm your dog can sense when your frustrated.
  24. I've got Carlson extended chokes for two of my guns and plan to get some for my maxus. I usually use the mid range, which is mod. with 2s or bbs 1550 fps pass shooting ducks & geese on public land. I've been happy with their performance .
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