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Benelli's Customer Service


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I just wanted to let everybody know that I contacted Benelli's Customer Service about a little issue on my gun. They fully helped and were a joy to work with.


I am not sure where all the negative comments come from but it wasn't the case for me. I think people expect too much out of companies at times and then not fully understanding how the world and companies work and not looking at the whole picture is the issue.


It could very well be the box that people live in sometimes. Open your minds and treat people how you would like to be treated and it will all be ok. Remember it is just a gun part.


Anyway, my hats off to the crew at Benelli and for that I will never buy another brand of gun unless it is something they don't make.



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It's nice to hear someone telling about their good experience with Customer Servive instead of all the people complaining. I also think some people expect too much at times; like sending a gun in for repairs and expecting it back within a week or two( which doesn't happen with a large company) and when they don't get what they want they start complaining to the customer service rep and that gets them nowhere. I haven't had to deal with CS yet, but my local dealer says that the Benelli rep that he deals with is very accomodating. The dealer said they have a problem with bolt handles getting stolen and they will switch gel pads around for a customer who purchases a righty gun but wants a lefty pad, so when the rep comes around he tells him he needs X amount of bolt handles and recoil pads and it is sent to them at no charge.

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Why can't people just report their experiences honestly? Give credit where credit is due and alert fellow consumers when a company has poor customer service? It has nothing to do with "opening your mind."


The best customer service I have seen in the gun industry belongs to Springfield. Benelli has not done well by me in this area, although their shotguns are outstanding.


Of course, this is only my own anecdotal experience. You have to look at the comments of hundreds to discern a trend. If many of you say Benelli customer service is good well.......maybe I just had bad experiences.


I like to hear about experiences. Good, bad and ugly. HK, for example, has a reputation for terrible customer service. As a result, I never bought an HK product.


Free speech I say. When word gets out that a company is doing a good job, they will deservedly get more sales. When word gets out that a company does a poor job, they should be shunned.


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