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Benelli Nova


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Right now I have a 20 guage Benelli nova (my first gun) And now im looking to get a 12 guage. I really like Benelli and im planning on getting another. The problem is I really like the Benelli nova tactical with the Ghost-ring tritium inserts and the fact that its lighter because im only 15. Im also unsure if the Benelli nova tactical is the best choice because my dad and I go pheasent and duck hunting. I am also limited to my choices because my funds are limited. Can the ghost sights be put onto other benelli guns? Thanks.

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The barrel on the tactical is only 18.5", not suitable for hunting ducks, pheasants or much else.


The ghost ring sights would only be suitable in hunting slow moving game like deer and turkeys.


My recommendation would be for you get a Nova with a 28" barrel. If you want rifle type sights, then apply any one of a number of aftermarket sights to the gun.

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Yes, Ben549. The barrel length does matter.

Not so much because of the shot patterns, as modern chokes deliver pretty consistent and quality patterns at just about any length.


When wingshooting (pheasants, ducks, etc.), the longer barrel gives the shooter a longer sighting plane, a smoother swing through the target, better balance, and a better follow-thru after the shot.


Think in terms of pointing precisely to a distant object. The longer the pointer, the more precisely you'll find you'll be able to point.


Taking it one step farther, point at a moving object with a short pointer, and then again with a longer one. You should immediately see the difference.


Take a few minutes and read this article.


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to a certain degree;


a 14" breach barrel isn't evan long enough to let the powder complete the burn before the shot leaves the barrel. Thus the shot doesn't reach it's full potential and a barrel of that length is only useful for point blank range.


As long as the barrel is 18" long than the powder has completed the burn. and after that point the pattern and power wont change it will be easier to aim as tucker stated.


[ 04-26-2005, 09:24 PM: Message edited by: The_Gun_Guy ]

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