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Looking at SBE I in Wood


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Looking at a SBE I in wood this afternoon. It is supposed to be in almost new condition. I have a SBE II. Can anyone tell what the difference is and what kind of price I should expect to pay? Went on Gunbroker and can't really get a handle on it.

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A few issues.


I don't like the old style ejector plate in the SBE. Big issue for me.


The broker websites are become less and less useful for pricing I think - they just show MSRP or very high prices - I doubt we ever get to see the real price the guns are sold for.


I pass up a wood SBE about every 5-6 months, some as low as $450 for an 80% gun, some in the $600 range for 90% guns. I just don't want or need a 12-18 year old shotgun that has been improved.


If I had to guess a value of a 95% SBE, I'd say anywhere from $700-$850. There are still NIB SBE's for $999 floating around.

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The deal you found for 700 sounds like a really good deal to me. I have been shopping for a wood stocked SBE for the past several months and finally have one ordered. It is a 95% wood, H&K import with 26" barrel and one choke tube for $650. shipped. I found it listed on gunsinternational.com for $700. It is coming from Pennsylvania, Dominion Outdoors. No doubt a trade in of theirs. I like the SBE I way better than the SBE II. You should be able to find a deal you are happy with and exactly what you want if you dont get in a hurry. The deal you described sounds great if that is exactly what you want. I have owned a Benelli M1 super 90 w/ synthetic stocks, 26" for the last 12 years and I dearly love it. Zero problems. I just wanted a 3 1/2" chambered gun.

Best of luck on finding your gun.

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