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  1. I have the .700, .685 and .675. The 700 gives great patterns at 40 yards but the .685 is my favorite. Works great with steel #4s at 1550fps. The .685 is a custom size. SRM will make one for you. Call Jeff and talk to him about it.
  2. I heard today that the chevrons tend to bubble and fall out in either cold weather or when they get wet. Is there anything to this? Chris
  3. Will the SBEII C.T. butt stock fit the SBEI ? Or, can it be modified to fit?
  4. Bought the choke I was looking for...Thanks Bart! Chris
  5. Looking for Terror .675 tube to fit SBE I. contact Chris [email protected] or send PM
  6. You can get a replacement magazine cap from eguns.com that has a swivel mounted in it.
  7. Neat, how can I get one?
  8. Matchshot, The deal you found for 700 sounds like a really good deal to me. I have been shopping for a wood stocked SBE for the past several months and finally have one ordered. It is a 95% wood, H&K import with 26" barrel and one choke tube for $650. shipped. I found it listed on gunsinternational.com for $700. It is coming from Pennsylvania, Dominion Outdoors. No doubt a trade in of theirs. I like the SBE I way better than the SBE II. You should be able to find a deal you are happy with and exactly what you want if you dont get in a hurry. The deal you described sounds great if that is
  9. Still searching for a 1st generation SBE with wood stocks. Chris
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