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1911 choices


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well i'm a 23 year old grad student, my books/tuition took most of my money and my income is via internship so unfortunately i can only put aside so much from each paycheck. i could wait longer and just save up more... but i really want another gun, i guess it's a little shop therapy to ease my stress. If i were to check out the HK's is it just the HK model or the USP that you are suggesting unob? and i'll check out wilson combat as well and dan wesson


I'm not trying to be a d1ck, but Wilson Combat is going to be out of your price-range unless you get a sweet deal on a used CQB or something, and even then $1500 or so is what good deals usually are on those. Wilson DOES have a GREAT! lifetime warrenty though, so buy with confidence. If it messes up, they will do everything under the sun.


The HK USP in .45 is a nice pistol, I prefer it over the HK45, however, I seem to be in the minority there. Check out both. They are 2 separate models.

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Guns, girls, and beer....what else is there?


Though personally girls seem to win more money than guns, I recently bought an AR (DPMS) in 338 Federal to make up the difference :p


Meh, my ammo budget eclipses my female budget quite handily. Actually this month my female budget is technically negative (positive?) since some female friends took me out to eat and to the movies 3x.

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