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M4S90 Project...


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damn good lookin boy!!! now hows about you show us hows them there lil green shell thingys pattern?:D and more importantly explain to stupid ole me how exactly id test to see if my barrel was was off as you had to send yours back to benelli. thanks skeeter


Just lay the gun upside down on a FLAT surface. If it rocks on the sights, something is off. Then you must determine if it is the insert on the front sight, the rear-sight, or what. I have a pretty good sense of these things and could tell just sighting down the barrel.I mic'ed out a .007" amount of distance between the "short" wing on the sight and the long-wing, when laying it against glass. I guess my eyesight is decent.


The shells pictured are the new Remington TAC-8 LE buckshot. I am looking forward to testing them along with half a dozen other loads of OO and OOO buckshot tomorrow.

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thanks for the barrel test info UNO!!!:) now can anyone tell me where i can buy a new stock benelli m4 front sight? the whole wing part the bolts above the welded on base. my 4 yr old knocked my m4 down the other day and it marred my sight. and yes i still love my 4 yr old!!! and he's still alive!! thanks skeeter

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