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Benelli M4 -- In the Field


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Here are a couple shots from yesterday. I ran about 250 rounds through the M4. Around 200 low brass, and a remaining mix of high brass buck and slugs. Some of which was 3" magnum shells.


I inspected the rail afterward to check for any damage to the top rail. None was observed. Not even any kind of contact marks.







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Hi SKYKING, and welcome to the forum!


First buying an M4, If you don't have one available at a local shop and want to buy online I'd check Gunbroker or Ables. Here are some of the current offerings:




The Titanium tubes are not made by Benelli but they are of extremely high quality. Better than Benelli OEM. they are made by Kip at Carriercomp. You won't be sorry if you get one.




As for sights I'm guessing you mean a red dot? Aimpoint T1

(as seen here in StrangerDanger's post) usually get a lot of votes around here. Several members seem to like Burris Fast Fire II as well. I just run Meprolight Tritium irons at the moment but here's a pick of my M4 with an Aimpoint ML-3



Take Care,

Hookster :)

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That truck is so shot up that it's not even fun anymore. You can't tell where you even hit. It would be very hard to even determine what type of truck it is. The police found dynamite under it a year or two ago. They tried to light it on fire but nothing happened. No blasting cap. Fail.

They were to chicken to dig the sticks back out from under it too.


The Mojave is a great place for training. It is very similar to the middle east. This area is close to Afghanistan.


The T1 really is cheating. It makes it a very effective slug gun out at 75 yards. You hear that sum-***** hit like a ton of bricks down range.


This was the first time I really ran the Benelli with LaRues machinegunners oil. Cleaning after my 250 rounds was a waste of time. It was pretty much clean and still had plenty of lubricant in the action. Do not run your M4 dry. They no like. It was so clean that I didn't even bother spraying out the action with breakfree like usual.

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