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You're probably pulling on the wrong part on the wrong angle. They can be a bit stuborn at first when you're not use to it. I usually assemble it at home the night before, and tranport it in a good floating shotgun case to the feild. Besides, you don't want to start assembling in the feild early morning in the dark, accidently drop your mag cap and can't find the darn camo cap in the feild. If you want to hate your gun, this will eventually happen to you. Practice assembly and diassembly at home, but go to the feild assembled in a gun case.

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So FYI the camo patterned guns are more snugg after talking to a service rep from Benelli. I was pulling on the right part since i did put it together. I always enter the field with the gun assemble. I just bought it last night "two nights ago" and was assembling and disembling the gun to get the feel...


Benillis recomendation - "hold the action half way and bang on ground" i am dead serious this is what they said.


Instead i took jack the rippers advice and used two people "my wife". As she is 110lbs she almost went flying but all in all got it apart.


My worries are that if the gun gets jammed in the field i don't feel comfortable using two guys pulling on either side... I am going to assemble and disassemble multiple times to break in!!!


wish me luck and thanks for the help!!!

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I found when I first got mine that the harder I pulled, the harder it was to take appart. I realized that if you wiggle the barrel a bit back and forth but not with much force, it comes appart easier. Yes they are stiffer with the cammo coating but, try and let the gun come appart on it's own with small wiggles and don't try ripping it appart, you will succeed better and less chance of hurting yourself.

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