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My gal just got me a m2 to replace my mod. 2000 I shot for years and no no it's not a POS, really good gun actually for the 299.00 I paid for it. Just seeing what everyone thought about the m2's, patterns well with imp cyl and a 1 1/4 #2 steel. Knock a few ducks down with it already. Can't really find anything bad so far. The whole comfort--tech design is kinda of a breath of fresh air after being punched in the head thousands of times from the Stoeger. Give me your thoughts on it if you have a minute.

Many thanks,


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i am looking into the M2 as well. I have a supersport but dont want to tear it up waterfowl hunting so am thinking of getting the M2 or the SBE2. I know the SBE2 takes 3.5 but not too worried about that I like the feel on the M2 a little better. Interested on some feedback from some M2 shooters as well!

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What a nice gift!


I own both a M2 and SBE II, the M2 is my upland gun. The M2 is a great gun, shoots field loads without any trouble, very reliable, lighter than other brands of semiautos that makes it easy to walk all day without trouble. That said the SBE II is all the M2 is, but a little more gun, shooting 3.5".


Which to choose: It all depends what you are going to hunt, what you like, what fits you and what you want pay.

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