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  1. Check out midwayusa they have several stuck choke removal tools. Good outfit to deal with as well
  2. It will get better, keep shootin
  3. Do you have plans for precision wing shooting?
  4. My local Cabela's has one in pretty good shape for $800.00 if that means anything.
  5. The full choke that came with my 2000, shoots way better then the so-called turkey choke that came with it. Killed 10 birds in the last 5 years with it and cheap 2oz winchester 3" loads
  6. Anything bigger than #4's lead, steel or whatever will get you in trouble in Mo. Why really bother, hard to beat 2oz of #6's @ 30 yards. That is if you do your part?
  7. That's funny right there, I don't care who you are!
  8. Really? What is that? Like 10,000 birds
  9. Is it a crio or no? What do you want for it?
  10. Couldn't agree more about the libtards, but how did you get pic of my next ex-wife?
  11. After talking to my local Cabels guy, he thinks they just threw this against the wall to see how well it would stick before offering more options. You can take that for what it's worth?
  12. Tucker, I like hens as well. Doesn't bug me a bit.
  13. Huh? Why don't the two on the left have green heads? Just giving you a hard time, looks like you had a good shoot.
  14. A ton of birds just north of St' Louis first few days of the season. Then I guess the alien's came and got, no one I know of has shot a bird in two weeks around these parts.
  15. My gal just got me a m2 to replace my mod. 2000 I shot for years and no no it's not a POS, really good gun actually for the 299.00 I paid for it. Just seeing what everyone thought about the m2's, patterns well with imp cyl and a 1 1/4 #2 steel. Knock a few ducks down with it already. Can't really find anything bad so far. The whole comfort--tech design is kinda of a breath of fresh air after being punched in the head thousands of times from the Stoeger. Give me your thoughts on it if you have a minute. Many thanks, John
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