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Colt Factory Magazines

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Found Colt 20 and 30 round Factory Magazines. $17.00 each. And a 10% off coupon.:)


Sounds like normal pricing on the 20's to me. As to the 30's, buy PMAG's for cheaper, they work better.


NHMTG makes Colt's mags, just buy NHMTG unless the logo matters to you.

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Yes Sir, you are hip on the pmags. Looking for the 20 rounders with the window if available in this configuration. Have a few of the NHMTG 20's. Should be testing out the 30 round pmags with my Uncle this weekend. Tex sent them to us.

im pretty sure magpul doesnt make 20 rd pmags w/ windows. but shoot them 30 rounders straight this weekend ya old flyboy!!:D

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Hey Zee, I just checked out your pics with the new KZ rail. It's looking good! It looks like you kept the Mesa rail/shell carrier and cut the KZ rail section down to cover the top of the forend section. Is that what's going on?




Yes sir. The cut I made worked well, just past the T 14 on the Rail. Went with the Platinum Full length Magazine Tube.

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