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M1014 barrels (11701) vs. M4LE barrels (11707)


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I was fortunate to locate a NIB M4LE with the help of a friend here on the board. The little wrinkle that came up is the fact that the M4LE barrel has choke tubes, which I don't want to hassle with. Would my M4LE function EXACTLY the same (except pattern stuff obviously) if I swapped out with the M1014 barrel? If the answer is yes, is there someone out there that would wish to swap with me? Mine is absolutely unfired, and would need the same. Thanks for any help guys.

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Originally posted by M1014:

226490.jpg look at those beautiful crowns,,,thats why Iwent for the M1014,,,,choke this ,choke that ,,,,all those choking decisions just makes me want to choke my chicken :cool: I'll keep an eye for a spare Barrell,,,gooooooood luck--M1014 ;)

M1014, I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.
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Originally posted by StarLynx:

I don't think your gonn'a have ANY smile.gif problem finding somebody to swap!!!

I hope you're right Starlynx. I've spoken with three M1014 owners, and all wanted to do it, but eventually refused feeling the need to keep their M1014s "factory" just in case they want to sell in the future. If you know of ANYONE who wants to do it, please let me know here on the forum through Private Message. The girl at Benelli customer service regarding the M4/M1014 is great. I chatted with her on a number of occasions. It was actually her recommendation that I come to this forum and see what I could do here. Anyway, I hope this happens soon, because spring is approaching fast, and I don't know how much longer I can keep this baby unfired.


Thanks again!! smile.gif


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hey StarLynx,,,,,common sense says go for it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a different model # yes,,,,as far as retooling goes for the same system no,,,thats what all this M1014-- ---M4 is,,,the same system,,you won't need good luck,,look at the evidence-------------------peace to you my M1014//M4 brother))))))))))))))))))))M1014]]]]]]]] :cool:

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