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Extended Tube question


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New to the board, I appreciate any help I can get.

I just bought the Benelli extend +2 tube part # 81043p for the Benelli M4 and I was wondering exactly how I install it? I don't need any additional springs do I? Thanks:)

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Just remove the barrel like you were doing a full cleaning then with the barrel removed unscrew the bum extension. You will then see a ring holding the mag spring in which you will need a snap ring pliers to remove. Just be careful when removing this because the spring will want to shoot out. With that out of the way screw on the new extension tube and reinstall the spring and ring.

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Hello, Im new to this forum, Currently Living in the PRK, not sure why anymore.... anyway....


I am the proud owner of two M4's non LE version. One of which was purchased in LasVegas and came with the extenssion tube installed, though I believe it is aftermaket.

Im wondering if there is a difference in the law concerning the addition of the extention and simply replacing the etire tube for one like Socomguy sells? Is the addition of the extention tube considered "modifying and or producing" as it applies to replacement of the tube, and would I then have to replace other non imported items on the weapon to bring it to complience... I have searched this for a while, probably too long in that now Im swimming in complicated details up to my arm pits.

thank you in advance !

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does anyone know a good extension tube for an sbe 2? and do they do any damage to the camo paint finish or not?


I got my +2 extension here:




Worked out really well, but its only a black tube, but that worked well with my black M2...I can't imagine that you would hurt the camo though.

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