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M2 20 gauge - please provide input


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I have recently decided tolook at a M2 20 ga for turkey hunting this next year and I went to

local dealer and looked at several 20 ga but I really like the feel and balance of the M2 .

I currently own a SBE 12 ga that I have hunted with for 6-7 years with really no substantial problems. It needed some trigger work but other than that, no problems cycling rounds and it shoots dead on.


I am eager to buy the M2 in a 20 ga but I my confidence is shaky with respect to these two issues.


1. mechanical function- cycling issues? (the one I looked at in the store gave me a hint of a problem. I was working the action open and it got stuck open while playing with it. I asked the saleman about it and he said those guns had been doing that recently and I would only have that happen on the last round, so its no big deal) hmmmmmm ?


2. Point of impact. I have owned 2 benelli's , the first one shot very low and I ended up having a

gunsmith ( seminole gunworks) bend the barrel upward slightly, This is of course , after they verified that the gun indeed shot low., My 2nd benelli SBE 12 ga shoots dead on from the beginning and I

am happy about this.


Please provide input --- hopefully all positive -- so I can pull the trigger and buy a new 20 ga M2



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I don't own a M2 but I do turkey hunt with a M1 (S90) in 20 gauge. After adding a good set of rifle sites I was able to adjust my point of impact (POI) as needed....mine shot a bit high out of the box with a bead site!


All of my turkey rigs have "rifle sites" or optics since very few shotguns, regardless of the maker, will shoot to the same POI for every shooter....sometimes its a simple matter of gun fit rather than a mis-aligned barrel. I have seen guns that came from the factory with terrible choke tube alignment, I would have a gunsmith check this before I would "bend" a barrel.


buy the M2 (and a good turkey site) take her to the range and go crazy!


my two cents,


Jeff in SW Ohio

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My M2 12ga cycles great. I hope I am right when I assume you were playing with it unloaded. If so then there is a small silver lever on the right side (if its a right handed gun) of the trigger guard that will lock the bolt back when pushed and the gun being unloaded. Push the bolt release and the bolt should close.

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