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Does rail come with Supernova as stated on website?


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First let me say hello! I took delivery of a Super nova tactical yesterday. I noticed on the website and in the catalog that it states that a picatinny rail is included. I didn't get one with my shotty.


Hi Eggman, and welcome to the forum!


I didn't see a rail listed on the website as either a standard or optional accessory but if you saw it somewhere, I'd call Benelli Customer Service and they should take care of it.


Here's another option for a Super Nova rail also:






Hookster :)

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Just called Customer Service, and a rail is supposed to come with the shotgun... They are sending one ASAP.


IF you bought a supernova tactical and did not get a rail, you should call...


Hey Eggman,

I'm glad everything was resolved without a problem. What will you be mounting on your rail?


Hookster :)

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Guest Snipe656
This must be new. My SN tactical did not come with a pic rail. I got it about 2 yrs ago. I did get a pic rail from EGW. I no longer use it as I found out it it is too tall and will not allow co-wittness with the Ghost Ring Sights.


I was wondering how new this is because mine too did not come with one. I bought mine roughly 14-15 months ago. Suppose I could dig up the customer service number and call and find out. Not too sure what I'd put on it though, I definitely want to still retain and be able to use the ghost rings.

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I honestly don't know how new this is... I looked on the website and it says that the SNT comes with a rail. Just call customer service, give them your S/N and they will ship you one...


Now that I have shot the gun, I am not sure I will utilize the rail or add a red dot... That money may go towards an additional m4... ;)

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hey skeeter I can confirm for it the trijicon stuff is worth every penny combat proven.

thanks U, and thats what alot of people say. but the fact still remains, trij's prices are waaaaaaaaaaay higher than anyone else's!!:confused: i can understand higher prices due to proven reliability, but they act as if the parts are made of gold!!:rolleyes:

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