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Barrel Length - Super Nova


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Hi All,

I am about to purchase a Super Nova 12 gauge and a question has arisen. According to the store representative, any shotgun barrel longer than 24 inches does not improve or increase any "real" reach distance. The store representative stated that barrels that are 26 and 28 inches long only offer a better "swing" feel and that is it.


Is this true? My thoughts were always that the length of a barrel up to 30 inches was for futher reach with magnum loads?


Thank you


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Above are a couple articles and i have never owned a shotgun with less than a 28 inch barrel myself but i hunt and shoot clays and i agree if it swings well buy it, this can be missleading because i have swung some 32 inch O/U's that fit and swung really nice!

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I have a question that I haven't found adressed as of yet (of course I'm a little blind sometimes). I'm somewhat new to the shotgun as a hunting tool; I've used used a Mossberg 590 as my HD weapon of choice, and on a few occasions to dispatch problem animals ;). I know that the Supernova is the shotgun for me, shot one and fell in love. My question is: Will barrel length make much difference when predator/wild hog hunting? I plan to use it as an all around gun and will be in some tight brush sometimes which leans me in the direction of the 24" barrel, but I don't want to limit my ability to take extended shots at coyotes and such. I realize the choke has more to do with it than anything but it nevers hurts to ask. Thanks for any advice in advance.



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It will make little difference. The choke is the determining factor. I turkey hunt with a SBE, 24'' bbl. No problem. I like the 24'', because of the maneuverability of it. (In a blind, if used). I have both the Nova and SuperNova in 24''. If that's what you want, don't hesitate. It will deliver..Good luck with your decision..Mike

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