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New Benelli SNT pic


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Well, I took my new SNT to the range yesterday. I went to the indoor club, where we must purchase ammo in house (county regulation, Mont. County, MD), and can only shoot slugs.


I put 25 - 2.75" slugs through her. I literally blew threee Shoot 'N C stickers off the page. With the GS sights, this gun is very accurate at 15 yards.


Then I loaded up five 3" sluggers. Of note, this is the first time I have fired 3" slugs. I am 6'3 and 325lbs, and I have a nice bruise on my shoulder today. However, all five went into the Shoot 'N C, and said Shoot 'N C is now fodder on the range floor. I would have to think long and hard on the logic and reason to shoot the 3.5's...


This gun has a smooth pump on it for sure! Much better then my Mossy (which I just sold to a buddy). The accuracy is much better than I have ever experienced with a shotgun, especially with a 18" barrel. Being the first Benelli I have ever fired, this maker has really impressed me. I cannot wait until the spring thaw to get to the outdoor range and put tons and tons of shells through her...


The wat I am thinking now, I may be in the market for Black M4 as a nice addition to the fam...


One more pic... Please excuse the ****** quality...



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Eggman, I'm not too far from you. Which range did you hit up? Gilberts? How much did the SNT run you? I'm looking to pick one up to add to the M4. Got to love these Benellis! Try the Brenneke Black Magic if you want to use slugs. Did your SNT come with any chokes?

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Hey Terpx... I am UMD alumni also...


Yep! Gilberts... I live 10 minutes away in Rockville. It's pretty nice... it's close and you can shoot riles there too... albeit at 25 yard max..


I got the SNT for $439 at Atlantic (I usually buy from Engage Armament in Kensington, but Atlantic had the right gun for the right price this time).


As far as ammo, I had to buy what Gilberts had which was Remington controlled recoil and HV sluggers...


I bought the tactical which had the 18" barrel and no choke. I don't think you can add them either for this model.

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