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  1. TerpX

    Slugs and M4

    Carlson. Do not order the Crio chokes. You can also call them. Cabela's also was a good source. Spoke with a rep who had a lot of good info. Called Benelli and they forwarded me to Cabela's. Interesting.
  2. TerpX

    Slugs and M4

    Z, check out this thread. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19754 I changed out my choke to a rifled choke for hunting (no sabot slugs) and just picked up a Carlson's Breacher choke in IC so it can shoot rifled slugs and 00 with no issues. I've read that some folks were having some issues with the MOD choke and certain brands of ammo. hope this helps.
  3. Eggman, I'm not too far from you. Which range did you hit up? Gilberts? How much did the SNT run you? I'm looking to pick one up to add to the M4. Got to love these Benellis! Try the Brenneke Black Magic if you want to use slugs. Did your SNT come with any chokes?
  4. I have a NIB package Carlson's Beretta/Benelli Replacement Flush mount Choke Tube. Purchased this for use on my M4 but found something else. $20 shipped.
  5. Kittens, big thanks to you and Tyson for the great advice about the Black Magics. Thanks to all the professional and mature individuals on the forum as well. It's nice to get good advice about shotguns without having to wade through the garbage. With every forum you get the 10% who troll the blogs to instigate fights. Thanks to all. Semper Fi!
  6. PM sent with question and offer.
  7. TerpX

    Flite Control

    I'm interested in the FC as well. I picked up a IC just in case for slugs. Thanks for posting Uno.
  8. Whiskey tango Foxtrot over?
  9. Couple of posts regarding slugs. Checkout the big game hunting section. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19754&page=8
  10. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19754&page=8 I haven't been able to really test it at greater distances yet. I hope to get to the NRA range and see how it does at 50 yrd. I would imagine groups at 50 should be only a couple if inches. I'll probably switch to Meprolight night sights as well for low light conditions.
  11. Got to shoot some Black Magic out of the M4. Nice. I only shot it at about 15 yrds at my buddy's place but all 3 rounds were touching. Thanks to all the members for their advice and recommendations.
  12. Try this thread. Tyson recommended the rifle choke. I picked up some Brenneke Black magic but haven't tried it through my M4 yet. Good luck http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19754
  13. Jones, thanks for filling in the gaps for those of us who weren't aware of the situation in Canada. I'm currently writing an english paper about gun control and was wondering where you got the 1.7% registry use data. I could really use it for the paper/argument and would like to cite it properly. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  14. Anyone use Dave's Metal Works products?
  15. +1. Inquiring minds want to know. I have a PG stock as well and would love to do a swap! Of course I would have to wait in line behind the million others who are drooling at this moment.
  16. Mike G, what kind of drawer system do you have? Tuffy? I'd love to pick one up for my Excursion to hold my Benelli M4 and gear. It would be awesome to keep my Marine Corps gear organized as well.
  17. Thanks to Duggan and SgtCathy for the valuable info. You just reaffirmed what I've been told about hunting with an M4. And to SgtCathy, great response to all the 'haters' who can't appreciate good solid gear regardless of make or model.
  18. Do you have pics of the standoff device? I've been in the Corps for a while and haven't seen one yet. I would also like to know about mag extension for my M4 as well.
  19. Looks like I'll try turkey hunting with my m4! Has anyone taken a turkey with their M4?
  20. Thanks for the info gents. Just received the Black Magic and IC choke from Cabela's. Dang they're fast! I'm keeping the IC choke to build up my collection. I'll let you know how the Black Magics group in the M4 with the rifle choke. I don't have a scope yet but may just go with the ghost ring sights.
  21. Roger. When you gents replaced your tube, what kind of loc tite did you use? My buddy has most of the tools and was wondering if I should pick up some blue? or red? I forget which one is ok on weapons.
  22. No worries Tyson. I got a gift card from Cabela's and didn't spend a dime. I only received the choke that came on the M4 so picking up a rifled choke later is not a problem. Thanks again for all the great info and hope to get a range report in asap. What distance do you gents sight in your slugs? I probably won't push beyond 50 around here.
  23. Ordered some 2 3/4 Black Magic and a Carlson's IC choke today. Can't wait to shoot em and bag a deer. A lot cheaper than killing them with a car!
  24. +1 on the hair dryer. Would save me the trouble of borrowing one.
  25. Gents, thanks for all the info on the slug combos. I just picked up a M4 and hope to run some Black Magic before I go deer hunting. Which one would you run in a M4 with the modified choke (2 3/4" or 3")? Any major difference in recoil? Thanks and keep the info coming.
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