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Hey Tucker, I know your into duck and goose hunting too. Thought I'de share some steel shot penetration imformation we've found. We shot new identical phone books taped to a 40 yard target. Not a page ruffled or out of place.( felt hard as a rock). BB's @ 1550 fps penetrated the cover and 265 pages. T's @ 1500 fps penetrated the cover and 400 pages. The devistation to the pages with T's was unreal. My benelli patterns T's pretty well so were gunna reload T's for geese. It's fun to be the last guy thumpin the getta way bird. We like our BB's for ducks. We hunt mostly over dry fields (winter wheat) so our shots are usually a little longer than some of the gimme ducks over water. Well I saw all your pics and wondered if you reload ( had any recipes). Good steel shot recipies are hard to come by. And thanks for helping the guys on here with their gun problems.

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I stopped reloading shotshells years ago.

I have been suing Black Cloud exclusively this year and am very pleased with the results.


That's some good information you posted.

I'd be curious as to how the Black Cloud compares to your loads.

I'm using 3" 4's on ducks and 3.5" BB's on geese.


Going out for Scoters and Oldsquaws tomorrow, so I'm stepping it up to 2's.


Did you see the doe I shot with the #4's?


I don't know about a phone book, but she didn't make any more calls. ;)

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I've never shot black cloud, alot of people really like it. I wonder if you can get it in bulk pellets for reloading? I live on the prairie so we don't see any of those sea ducks (have killed a few Brants mixed in with our peeper Canadas though). I think in that open water I'd have to take me some 1550 or better BB's. 2's in the face and BB's up the butt. Yip I saw the doe, was that #4 steel up side the head? Nice! Anyone that criticized you don't know what they are talking about..... They don't know what kind of damage an overpopulated animal or bird can do. We hunt geese over winter wheat and get begged to come kill em off because they'll bear off the wheat to the ground and the cattle have nothing to graze, costing the farmer alot $ , and I have alot of friends that farm so access is pretty easy, still have to put on a many of mile scounting though. We hunt cranes too, what all waterfowl do you get to hunt?

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No cranes here.

We get good shoots on resident Canadas in September.


Woodies, mallards and perhaps a few teal in October.


Mallards, blacks, woodies, teal, migrating Canadas, ringnecks and gadwalls in later seasons.


We also see a sprinkling of widgeons, bluebills, redheads, canvasbacks, pintails, and a few tundra swans (not legal in my home zone).

We might occasionally spy a goldeneye, scoter, oldsquaw, or a snow goose, but they're quite rare in my home area. You don't have to drive far to get a whole different set of choices.


We have good numbers of coots, ruddy ducks, buffleheads, and mergansers, but few people shoot them.

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Wow, I was looking at the damage to the phone books and found out my count wasn't right. The phone books both had 126 blue pages in the front before starting the yellow pages count. So the count went to BB's @ 1550 fps 391 pages of penetration. T's @ 1500 fps 526 pages of penetration.That's actually breaking paper, the bulges went another hundred pages or more) That's like shootin through a 1x4. Lead #5's @ 1350 fps penetrated the same as the BB's.....391 pages + or - a few pages. Oh the good ole lead copper 4's days......

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