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Shot my SBE for the first time...


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I went yesterday and fired off 50 shots at sporting clays. I didn't shoot well, but that's not the point. I just wanted to fire my new gun.


To break it in, I shot 12 3" Nitro Magnum shells with 1 7/8oz #6 shot. It kicked hard, but not too bad. Those clays broke like you wouldn't believe. After that, I shot 2 3/4", 1 1/8 oz, 3 dram eq, #7 1/2's. It cycled those flawlessly. Then, one of the guys handed me two Mini-max shells packed with 1 oz of shot...it cycled those fine.


I'm impressed! I love the gun and it's versatility. The only issue I had with it the whole time I was out (mind you it was the first time shooting it, it was 35 degrees, windy, and spitting rain/snow pretty good) was that once, while firing the 3" mags early on, the action cycled so fast that the shell loading into the chamber from the magazine caught the end of the ejecting casing. It jammed. No other hiccups other than that, though.


Happy hunting/shooting,


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I just shot my new SBE II this last week also. Worked as flawless as my first SBE that I sold to a friend. I didnt score well either, but it will come. I usually shoot a Legacy at the range, but had to shoot the camo SBE II to try it out. smile.gif It is such a similar gun, I thought I would be fine - but it does shoulder slightly differently. Only problem I've ever had cycling any shell in a Benelli is those light "gimmick" tracer rounds. Good luck heavy 4x4 - I'm sure you will love that gun for a long time in the field and at the range!

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