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  1. Nice purchase, now your hooked into the Benelli club. Glad your happy with it - It's feels pretty good to spoil yourself, doesnt it? Did you ever get a chance to shoot it first? or buy it blind? Happy Shooting!
  2. Saadviriks question(s) answered different thread [ 07-07-2005, 02:15 PM: Message edited by: HavocTec ]
  3. All your questions will probably get different answers from different people. I own/have owned an SBE, SBE2, Legacy, Nova, Rem 870, Win SX, Ber AL391, Browning BPS. I was skeptical about the difference the comfortec system would make when I first got my SBE2, but after about 1200+ rounds between my SBE2, AL391, and Legacy... I can definately notice a difference(as far as percieved recoil-or jerk as you referred to it) at the range. I dont notice it in the field, at least not yet. I don't think you will shooting the large 3 & 3-1/2 inch magnums anyways. I don't ever notice the recoil when I'm hunting with any gun. My friend, who was introduced to shooting via my SBE2 and now owns a Beretta AL391, swears the SBE2 is softer shooting than his 391 - I don't see a large difference personally. The crio choke thing is hard to have an opinion on. I believe it is fine, but havent noticed a difference/advantage in how my gun patterns. The SBE2 definately is light, slim and swings fast. I find myself picking it up most often now when I go to the range. I really bought the SBE2 as a dependable waterfowl gun that I could use and not worry about it. It has been a pleasant surprise even after owning an original SBE. I love my Legacy, but I still find myself preferring to shoot the SBE2 even though they are so similar. Much of what is stated by Benelli is true, but it is marketing at it's finest. All manufacturers make claims that put their product in the best light possible, why wouldnt they?!? I don't think you will be disappointed in an SBE2 as long as it is in your budget. It is a remarkable weapon and well made. I'm sure you would be happy with many other makes/models also as long as you buy to meet your needs/expectations. The Benelli line up appeals to me because of: 1.The ease of breakdown/cleaning 2.The slim, light & fast swinging the reduced profile an inertia gun has 3.The quality & reliability 4.The range of loads the SBE2 can handle effectively I ended up with the exact gun you are looking to buy. The new features are just a bonus. Make a list of what your needs are and see how it measures up - Good luck!
  4. A little late on the reply, but... The Mossberg only cycles the 3" & 3&1/2" shells. So if you plan to shoot anything at the local range with it, the price gap will close shooting those 3" field loads. Can't say I ever shot a 935 or ever will, but thought it was interesting.
  5. For those who cannot stomach Walmart... Sportsman Warehouse has Estate Cartridge (Federal Subsidery I believe) target loads for $3.49/box less 5% for case qty discount. Has been a regularly stocked item since the new store in our area opened. Gander has similar box price, but never seems to have them. I've shot 3 or 4 cases this Spring/Winter and never jammed a shell (or my buddies yet.) Seem to burn cleaner than the Winchester and Remy's I've shot recently. p.s.- The sales staff can spell their name and knows the difference between a shot shell and 'dem bullits also. [ 06-09-2005, 09:36 PM: Message edited by: HavocTec ]
  6. Might work better if he chucks the 1187 aside & tries the flame thrower technique with a lighter and WD-40 instead. The ducks will never know what hit 'em! Come down cooked and ready eat! Just make sure to keep the blind cover (grass/reeds) out of the way of the flame!
  7. Mudhen, I'll give you the speed question, but what good is it without reliability? I will never need the types of speed they need for a popper type competition course while I am hunting (the 10 shots in 2.2 is way beyond any practical need I will ever have.). I have seen the X2 and Golds (Same basic gun with different levels of add-ons for those who are not aware) jam up in bad weather while hunting (not on a closed sourse in controlled conditions), which is what led me to Benelli. Maybe they should remove the claim, but I think it's splitting hairs for that claim & the reliability issue is much more substantial. IMHO. I know your a Benelli guy anyways from the pics, so you already know the pro's/con's. In the end, its still just a good point for healthy debate. I would still own an X2 if I felt the need to have another one, just happy with what I already have. [ 05-24-2005, 05:44 PM: Message edited by: HavocTec ]
  8. Speed is pretty much a non issue - didnt you see the Tom Knapp (Bennelli's demo shooter) shoot 10 self hand thrown clays in 2.2 seconds before they hit the ground using the Benelli inertia driven system. Fast enough? I think so. Talk about flock shooting potential! I have no problems with the X2, but I like the Benelli better. It's easier to clean & maintain, etc.. I also like the way it handles and shoots more than the X2, but thats all personal preference. Buy what you like, but speed is there on all the major brands. [ 05-24-2005, 12:12 PM: Message edited by: HavocTec ]
  9. Yes, just as you described.
  10. I second tucker301's statement. I also notice a large amount of kick from my pump & other auto's when bench shooting/patterning mags with any of my other guns as well. While hunting, it never seems to bothered me. I do think the comfort tech helps on light loads. It seems like I never even shot after a couple rounds of sporty's/trap/skeet. I don't regret it at all, good luck. [ 05-18-2005, 09:32 AM: Message edited by: HavocTec ]
  11. Nice bird Flhawghuntr! Congrats on a successful hunt!
  12. Nice bird Alex! Good Job - Keep shootin' that Nova strait!
  13. Got my first two Tom's a couple of weeks ago in Nebraska. Consecutive mornings 20 yards and 5 yards! What a great time! One was a triple beard & other 9 & 1/2 inch with 1 inch spurs. Merriams - Nebraska style. Good Luck everyone - shoot strait!
  14. Finally got some pic's of my first tom's Link Here--->Benelli Forums - Turkey Hunting [ 04-27-2005, 10:47 PM: Message edited by: HavocTec ]
  15. Hevi does leave a mess, but as far as reliability.. I have had no problems. It has killed most everything I have thrown it at, usually quite effectively. Most of the problems were with the original manufacturer, not Remington. I think the small price of a few extra passes of the bore cleaner is worth the efficiency of the kill. That stuff really hits hard! Less follow up shots required = less ammo wasted. (IMHO) As for chokes - follow Tucker's link + Check the NWTF message board for Benelli turkey chokes. Most seem to like the Rhino's or other brands in the .660 to .675 range. Briley makes some quality chokes for pass shooting, I've only used factory stuff. You should be able to shoot heavi-shot through any choke that is rated for it - including most turkey chokes. Check the manufacturer's web site or call. I killed 2 turkey's this spring with the same load you posted above thru a Briley XF extended choke. Not the greatest patterns past 35 yards, but it smoked 'em in close. Good luck and enjoy the new gun!
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