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Please give you opinion


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Hi guys!


I own three M1 Super 90's. I use two for hunting in a 24" barrel and love them.


I am about to order either a Cordoba or an M2 Field. One problem is the Cordoba's shortest barrel is 28" and I am worried how that will affect my shooting?


Beside the length issue which would you choose (and why) between the Cordova and the M2?

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If I shot more clays than game, the Cordoba.

The Cordoba's porting can deafen blind mates, but it would be fine in a dove field or on the range.


If I shot more game than clays, the M2.

More options, more barrells, more accessories, built to hunt.

I also prefer the shorter forearm of the M2 and SBE.


[ 04-02-2005, 05:48 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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Tucker with good points.


Its a shame though for some that wish to use the Cordoba for ducks, don't. Where as I'll agree with the partner deafining point.....I highly suggest wearing hearing protection while duckin. There is hearing protection that still allows for near normal hearing while in the blind. Years of shooting out of rice tanks and boats coupled with competitive calling made it a neccesity for myself. If both parties had protection, the Cordoba would be a option if so desired.

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The Cordoba is billed as a clays/hunting hybrid.

It's loud and proud. Hearing protection should be used 100% of time as Scott Vix stated, no matter what you are shooting. More so with the dadjim ported guns.

Clays? Yet as a recent once owner, mine would barely handle 1oz loads. Not good with the FITASC 1oz max rule.

IMHO- Stick with the M2, and be happy.

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Picked up my new M2 yesterday. So far it seems to be everything my M1's are plus some great new features.


Thanks for the advice guys, I appreciate it.


What is your opinion of barrel length? I like the 24 but what is your opinion of the 21"?

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