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M1 feeds two shells ... jams


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I use my M1 for duck hunting. It jams up on me at times.




Using 3 shells, I fire the first one, it ejects it correctly and then it apparently feeds the remaining two shells into the carrier, one on top of the other, and it jams with the breech open, unable to chamber the top shell.


Anyone ever heard of this? Please help.

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Based on a very week description. Your Carrier Latch is worn and needs to be replace. Simple, cheap - might as well replace the Carrier Latch Spring as well.


This part has been updated on the M2. When ordering a new part you will get the carrier latch from a M2.


Solid information such as shell selection, how old the gun is, how many shells has the gun cycled etc.. would enhance the presentation.


I have replaced several of these on a M1.


The M1 may have been the finest gun Benelli has made.


SRM makes a nice magazine kit for this gun which updates the spring, follower, and plug. Nice update from factory parts.

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Thanks for the reply.

I bought the gun two and a half years ago in unfired condition. Serial # M543178.

When I first bought it, I cycled about 100 rounds of target loads in my backyard shooting skeet. No issues.

Last duck season I fired around 100 rounds of a mixed bag of steel shot, and the problem occurred a few times.

This season I fired around 100 rounds of primarily Kent faststeel 3 inch #4 and it jammed 5-10 times.

So it works properly 90 – 95% of the time but jammed of course in crucial moments.

I love the gun and want to remedy the issue.

I thought of replacing the carrier latch. I notice that when I press the carrier button to re-engage the carrier latch with the cartridge drop lever, there is a point of resistance there that seems like shouldn’t be there.

In other words, there is a point between disengaged and engaged when I slowly press the carrier button where the carrier latch will bind with the cartridge drop lever and just rest there while I take my hand of the button. It will easily go into the engaged position if I put my hand back on and press further on the carrier button.

Is this slight binding normal? It seems like the carrier latch should travel a smoother journey from disengaged to engaged. Maybe it’s just enough binding at just the wrong time that allows this second shell to be allowed into the carrier?

I value anyone’s thoughts on this and the next question is: Where is the best place to purchase the redesigned M2 carrier latch and spring and also the right sized punch to do the trick?

Thanks … SJ

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The Carrier Latch serves to provide several points of functionality. With your issue we are talking about how the Carrier Latch hold shells in the magazine and releasing of the shell as it cycles thru the entire sequence.


Brownells has this part. The original part that is in your M1 is discontinued. You will get a Carrier Latch from a M2 when ordering from Brownell. Might as well replace the little Carrier Latch Spring while your in there, it's very inexpensive and will need to be removed when replacing your carrier latch anyway.


Selecting a drift punch that is large enough to drive the pin from the bottom to the top. Selecting to small of punch will cause the pin to expand. When replacing your Carrier Latch, Spring and pin you will want to start the pin from the bottom and drive the pin to the set location paying close attention to the upper range where you will not interfere with the breach bolt travel.


When removing your old carrier latch take not of how far the carrier latch pin is set into the pin's access point. Additional the Carrier Latch is somewhat hard to set while holding the new latch in place and driving the pin thru the latch to the set location - another way to say it is you may need two people during this reassembly.


If you need further assistance contact me @ [email protected]

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