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2004 Benelli Catalog - Page 39


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I draw your attention to this page for what should be a simple question to answer....


What is the stock number of the Leupold one piece scope base for the R1 rifle?


If you can show a full-page photo of the darned thing, it shouldn't be too hard to share with the growing number of R1 owners this little tidbit of information.


Acording to the FAQ's, which ambiguously may or may not apply to rifles, the Weaver # is 93. This crosses to a Leupold number 53056 (matte).

Problem is, I have one of those, and it's not even close to fitting my R1.


So, fess up, Benelli. I can't afford to try every Leupold base number until I find the one in the photograph.

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I also received one private response with the same information. I picked up one yesterday and installed it last evening. According to my laser boresighter, I'm going to need a shim in the rear of the base. The private response indicated that this my be necessary.

I simply was not happy with the factory scope rail and the Millet rings (purchased). The Leupold mount is by far superior. I always use an alignment tool and lap the rings for a perfect fit.

I'll get started on a shim this weekend.

I'm hoping that the improved scope mount and the Remington ammo (suggested by someone else) will get this rifle up to my standards.

If not, there will be no place for it in my cabinet and it will be traded soon.

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