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Choke info, please...


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I've been shooting quite a few years, have had Winchester shotguns, and purchased aftermarket turkey chokes which have made a big difference at the patterning board.


Over the last few years I purchased an SBE I, and love it. Recently bought an SBE II, and am learning that there are different "choke systems" used by Benelli. I know that they're not interchangeable, but I'd like to understand what is the difference between the Mobil and Optima, if anyone can explain.


Also, I've seen Crio and Crio plus. This website shows available chokes for the SBE II as extended Turkey, but I can't find constriction specs. Trulock, and others, for example, shows constrictions to .660, .645, .640, etc. I know that constriction can be "too much of a good thing".


Would any of these aftermarket (even the Benelli) give better patterns generally (I understand gun to gun), but am wondering if there'd be much improvement expected over the full supplied with the SBE's?


I guess I'm asking if anyone has actually patterned the different chokes and what did they like?


I'm not trying to evade an expense---it's just the "time" at the patterning board that seems harder to find than in the "old days".


Can anyone offer a little education and results experiences??

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Pretty simple;


Beretta Mobil = Benelli Standard (fits SBE I, M1, Nova, and older Montes - I hear newer Montes come with Crio Choke)


Beretta Optima = Benelli Extended Crio Choke (fits Sport II, SS, and I presume Cordoba)


Beretta Optima Plus = Benelli Crio Choke (aka Crio Plus) fits SBE II & M2 & some newer Montes


Those three 'special' choke tubes in the catalog don't exist yet - the photo is wrong anyway - they are clearly black Extended Crio Chokes


I have patterned many turkey chokes for my SBE II. All sucked but one, the Rhino 1.5" Extended in .660.


Comp-n-Choke sucked, Terror major sucked, Kicks sucked, etc.


Rhino was the only company that even tested their choke in the SBE II.


mudhen - CA

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For what it's worth, we made a backboard from a 1/2 sheet of sheetrock (costs a few dollars) and went to my local butcher and asked for a roll of his brown paper which was almost used up. Got it for free.


We covered the sheetrock with the brown paper and then attached a turkey target, as tucker said, to the middle of the target.


You can change the brown paper and turkey head many times before the sheetrock collapses, then use the second half of the sheetrock.


You'll then get a perfect look at the pellets in the kill zone, and where the rest of the pattern is actually hitting.

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