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Question, probably should know this already...


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Can i make the action on my SBE II stay open after a single shot without loading from the magazine? like if i wanted to quickly change a duck shell that was loaded into a goose shell, or make the action stay open after the one shot while leaving the other shells in the mag?


Does that make sense?

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Not really.


The SBEII is designed to facilitate changing the shell in the chamber quickly and easily.

When the bolt is pulled back manually, the shell in the chamber will be ejected, but another shell will not be loaded from the magazine.


Therefore, you can open the bolt, remove the shell, and drop in a goose shell quickly and easily.


This can be circumvented by pressing the magazine release button on the trigger guard, allowing a shell to load onto the carrier.


The one thing you have to watch for is to make sure that the bolt fully closes back on the goose shell. This is something that is commonly done wrong when trying to switch shells quietly and watch the approaching geese at the same time.


If the bolt is not closed and rotated fully, the gun will not fire.


You cannot make the bolt stay opened after a single shot unless you load a single shot.

If there is another round in the magazine, and the gun is fired, the second round will be loaded.


If you load one round, with no shells in the magazine, and fire one round, then bolt will stay opened after the shot is fired.


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Very well said Tucker!

Perhaps Benelli should consider hiring you to write their somewhat confusing owners manuals. I wish all manufacturers would speak in these terms instead of technical terms. They would certainly save themselves a lot of confused owners calling their customer service lines. I imagine the lawyers are partly responsible for that also.

Or they are losing something in the translation.

Nicely done!

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