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RE: Choke Help SBE I 26" barrel


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I have and love my 12 ga. SBE I. my question is this. I am a huge waterfowl hunter. That is all the gun is used for. I am looking two chokes one choke for a long range (ie rice fields) and choke for short range (ie timber). By the way I shoot steel BB's preferably. Anyone out here know of the best combinations to go with. I am willing to experiment but I would rather save some money here. Thanks

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I hunt both open water and close range. If you shoot the same load and know your gun, you can shoot any tube, but for those of us that can't patternmaster will take care of you. I shoot a patternmaster "short range" or "over the decoys" tube year round. I love it!!! I hunt from Canada to Kentucky and I don't change tubes. I will also shoot a 26" barrel and a 28" barrel. So take your pick. But just make sure to "Whack 'em All"

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