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M4 hard to feed at speed.....


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So I shot my M4 in 3 gun competition. The results are not out, but I am pretty sure I won the match and beat a few Saigas in the process. My M4 worked great although there was one problem I thought I would share with you gentlemen.


I found the M4 fairly hard to load at speed. Feeding ammo into the magazine is just really stiff and hard. Note--the shotgun has over 1000 shells through it, so lack of break in is not the issue.


One guy had a tricked out Benelli and said there were ways to make the gun easier to load. He had to shoot before we could finish the conversation, so I am not sure what modifications he made to his gun.


So how can one make it easier to feed the Benelli? Are the gunsmith mods to help with this? Do they compromise reliability?


Note--my technique is correct, so that is not the issue.

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But back to the original question--what mods have they made to make them feed so efficiently? I stock gun is way too stiff to do that.


Extra long tube = longer disntance for spring. Longer distance spring (assuming a heavier spring isn't used) = less tension when empty.


Consider that they are loading 4 shells into a tube that holds 10; there's a lot of extra ground for that spring, so it isn't anywhere near peak resistance.

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