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5 shot vincis


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my bad ours are infact 6 shot.yeahar getting mine next week.




The buzz in the shot gunning world for 2010 has been the all new Benelli Vinci. In the US it cleaned up the NRA's 'Shotgun of the Year Award', and the recent launch in Europe has contributed to a shortage across the globe. It's popularity is due to a radical new design which effectively makes it lighter and therefore quicker to point and shoot, it has recoil reduction technology to compensate for the lightness, a new inertia action design which raises the bar for trouble free shooting, it's easy to clean, and is modular for ease of transportation.


The modular Vinci design extends through to the Magazine, and as a world first, the Hunting & Fishing New Zealand Vinci's have been supplied with 6 shot capacity (5 in the mag + 1in the chamber).


Hunting & Fishing New Zealand learned about the Vinci early on, and in fact we took a punt and placed an opening order back in June 2009. As it turned out this was a very lucky move as these were the only Vinci's Benelli was able to manufacture for this county's distributor, Beretta NZ, in time for the2010 hunting season.


Caution: We are aware that competitors have parallel imported a small number of Benelli Vinci's from the USA. These are easy to distinguish as they will have a magazine capacity of only 3 shells. It's important to make this differentiation because parallel imported guns do not carry the Beretta NZ after sales warranty etc.

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Received my Vinci yesterday from H&F NZ, very nicely balanced gun...will have to get it out this weekend to blood it. It is indeed a 6 shot, will be interesting to see how the balance is when the mag is full.

This gun is replacing my Beretta Xtrema which is a fantastic gun, very reliable...however I just don't need the 3.5 inch shell capability (and the extra weight it brings)...I have to agree with the line, "carries like a 410...", will have to wait till the weekend to see if it shoots like a 20G!


Will post some pics tonight if none have been by then

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