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new supernova owner here would like pics


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ok yesterday i picked up a supernova tactical (solid black)

with the pistol grip and ghost rings

im impressed

this is only my second shotgun (saiga 12 was 1st) and first pump of anykind

id like to see pictures of some fixed up supernovas

like lights extended mags and all

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pretty cool

what kind of distance can you accurately shoot?


Since the sabot ammo is $2-3 per round, I don't shoot "groups", but I got bullseye at 50, 100, 150 and got on target at 200yds, first time out.


The Nikon scope has additional built-in reticles, to compensate for bullet drop.

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Nice shotgun. I have one just like it. I also have a Nordic Components extension tube (not currently installed), an Insight tube mounted light I keep around (again, not installed) and for certain occasions, an Urban ERT sling.


I personally like this gun, but have chosen to use my Mossberg 590 (converted to an A1, essentially) as I just dont dig the 4 shell capacity of the SuperNova Tactical. Yes, I could use the extension, but given that I keep a shotgun around for HD use, I seem to recall that having an extension on a completely "foreign" made shotgun, while using a pistol grip type stock (even though its a full stock), could be considered a no-no... from a legal standpoint. Not sure. Besides, I find the ergonomics/features/practicality of the 590 a bit more desirable for HD use. The Benelli is now reserved mainly for slug duty (as needed).


Either way, here is pic (albeit a bad one) of my old SNT setup:





it seems to have come oiled from the factory

do i need to do anything before i shoot it?

Clean it first. Most new guns come from the factory with all sorts of sh*t on them. Best not to shoot it in that condition. Edited by shotgunNoob
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