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Slugs for smoothbore - Need advice


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First of all - Happy New Year To Everyone !!!


Hey guys , could someone gimmie a list of all brand names that make rifled slugs or brennekes for smoothbore 12ga ?. I'm not familiar with US market when it comes to shotgun. I went to the store the other day and all they had was winchester slugs , but nothing else.

I just got back from hunting trip in Poland after scoring 2 big russian boars . 1st one was couple pounds shy of 480lb - downed with R1 30-06 at 170yds . Piggy took only 3 steps before falling down , nice clean shot.

,.. the other a bit smaller - only about 360lb taken with M1014 at exactly 23yds ( that piggy got spooked and charged right at me , to make the shot i had to drop into prone position ... yikes ).


Anyways ... i bought that M1014 6 days before going off on that trip , had no time to find proper ammo . I used brennekes bought in Poland , too bad Customs would not allow me to take any ammo back to USA .


Any info will be very much appreciated




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Sounds like an exciting time!

Congrats on the two pigs.

I ended up with five whitetail (no giants) with my R1 in its first year.


Here's a link for you:



Midway sells them online at http://www.midwayusa.com/


PS: While you were away, Nell Girl gave up some good info. on what's in store for 2005 at Benelli.



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Thanks for the info Tucker301 !!


BrennekeUsa site is just what i was looking for . I use brenneke for over 20 years now , found it to be very accurate from smoothbore. It's safe to say , i shot more big game with these slugs as opposed to the whole stash of rifles in my gun cabinet :D


On the other note ..... Holy Smokes Mate ! 5 Whitetails ?? All that meat oughta keep you Live and kickin for next 3 years !! heheh... Congratulations mate , hope it was fun !

My wife won't let me bring any raw meat home , unless it's already in a form of sausage, ham or whatever . It's a price of marrying a total vegan lmao ! One of those piggies ( smaller one ) ended up on rotissiere over open flame ... was a feast for 16 people ..ahh whatta treat - right at the hunt site.


I'm dissapointed with the news on new 2005 line-up from Benelli. Wished they come up with 25-06 barrel for R1 , ohh well... Least You got your wish :D ... WSM's are comin ... maybe i'll try it too .


Once again , thanks for the info.


If Anyone has some scoop on other type's of ammo for smoothbore , please help me out .


Good Times



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All these slugs are good, however I would like you to consider the products of Dixie Slugs. Our Predator hollowbase slug for smoothbores is an updated style that is full bore size (.730")and is hard hear treated bullet alloy (94%3%3%) @1400'/" and does not deforn like factory soft swaged lead slugs. It weighs 563 grs (over 1 1/4 oz) It is loaded in a 3" hull. Dixie Slugs webpage at dixieslugs.com..........James

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Correct me if i'm wrong , but i don't see any rifling on Dixie Predator slug . How can i expect a good accuracy from any bullet if theres no gyro stabilization , side the fact of bullet hitting target sideways.

Mr. James , I would be greatful if You could elaborate on specs. of your company product.



PS: Thanks for all these links Tucker. Internet suppose to be idiot-proof but i still have a hard time finding anything .. crap, i have problems working zoom function on my auto focus camera hehehe.


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