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Trigger Work


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Albeit I can't imagine that there is too much effort or specialized knowledge required to improve trigger pull.


Yet here you are, asking. :rolleyes:


Briley's could certainly handle the job. As could most local skilled smiths in your area.


Ron Kontowsky has a good reputation for shotgun work.

His website is http://americanarmsengineering.us/Home_Page.html

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Trigger are a finesse thing. They're tricky. If you do it wrong with a semi-auto, you can get a gun that slam-fires or you turn it into a full auto, neither of which is desirable.


If this is a gun to be used in the field, you want to make sure your trigger pull is crisp, but not too light. I have the trigger pull on my target guns set at 3.5 to 3.75 lbs, but I wouldn't want a field gun any less than say 4.5 or 5 lbs.


There are many good gunsmiths around who do this kind of work, but it is best to call around and find someone who specializes in Benellis.


As Tucker mentioned, Briley does good work, but sometimes they take a long time to get stuff back to you.


Doug Braker in Minnesota is top notch. dougsgunsmithshop.com


A guy named Dave Munden did an 1100 trigger for my daughter's trap gun, but I don't know if he does Benelli guns: [email protected]


Spears Gun Shop in Kansas


Allen Timney timneytriggers.com


There are others.


Good luck.

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