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DMW extension capacity problem


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Just purchased a new, never fired Benelli M4. Stock tube holds 5 rounds of Federal Power Shok 2-3/4 00 buck just fine. Attached DMW 2 round add-on extension, DMW part 011. Inserted DMW mag spring that came with the extension. Tried to load the extended magazine, and cannot get last 1/4 inch of 7th shell into the magazine. Replaced the DMW mag spring with the stock Benelli mag spring, thinking the DMW spring was too long and needed to be shortened. Still cannot get that 7th shell into the magazine, even with the shorter stock spring in place.


Any suggestions? Perhaps the Federal shells are slightly longer than other 2-3/4 shells, and that is the problem. Or, does the DMW mag extension have a design flaw?

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I certainly hope you took your question to Dave first, rather than come here and call into question one of the man's products in public for everyone to see, so he had a chance to rectify the problem, if there is a problem.


Think if it was your business, how would you want a potential problem to be handled? Do it that way.

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It doesn't matter what the uncompressed length of the springs are; so it really doesn't help if you put in a stock Benelli magazine spring that has shorter uncompressed length. All that matters is the compressed length of the spring. Just trim the DMW spring down until you can fit the seventh. I'm reasonably sure that you'll still have the power in that spring to reliably feed all seven rounds. (I provide no warranty on that statement though.)


Some 2-3/4" shells can run a bit long. I'd still cut down the spring though. That's how I handled my Wolff spring, and I have no problems with it.

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